Notes on Purchasing Prints

  • Prints with regular finishes (glossy and luster) are printed on Fuji paper using Fuji's latest technology: Fuji Frontier Dry Labs. Dry Lab Printing can be seen in museums around the world.

  • Glossy:  More saturated and shiny finish - generally the default finish from one-hour photo shops - can suffer from glare under certain lighting conditions. It tends to show fine detail better, but also shows fingerprints better.

  • Luster:  Lustre finish is not as shiny as glossy, but not as flat (dull) as matte finish paper. Lustre paper has a textured finish (some call it “pebbled”) that hides fingerprints.
  • Prints on Metal / Metal Prints:  The image is printed over a white basecoat on a modern metal surface giving it a unique depth and richness. The image really pops. One of the benefits of this type of print is there is no cost to frame -- no framing required. The print sits in the open, can be handled and subsequently wiped off with a soft cloth. Many people use small easels to display their metal prints. This is one of our more popular type of prints. If you are interested in larger sizes or configurations, just let us know -- we are happy to work with you.

    Please note that due to the nature of the metal product, slight inconsistencies vary from one print to the next. These may appear as noticeable small bumps or bubbles, which are caused from the white basecoat that is necessary to give the image a rich, true color. Each print is quality inspected to minimize these imperfections. This is an acceptable and expected part of the process and final product.

    These are the highest quality Metal Prints available in the industry. Metal Prints are produced using a different process from our regular fine art prints. Due to the unique printing process, which involves sublimating ink into a gas, the ink diffuses a small amount before being absorbed by the metal. Consequently, prints will not have the same quality of sharpness as our fine art prints. As with all of our prints, we work hard to ensure we have the highest print quality available out of any lab.

  • Folded greeting cards are shipped flat with a crease for folding and include blank white envelopes.

  • The copyright watermarks seen on the images are not on the final prints.

  • Processing time averages 2-3 business days (a day or two more during holidays); 7-10 business days for greeting cards and postcards. Please add additional time for chosen shipping method (1-5 business days.)

  • All sales are final. If a photo or product is damaged, it will be replaced if damaged materials are returned. There are no refunds.

  • For additional information including licensing rights for publications and website usage, or questions in general about our products and services, please use this contact form.